#364 append commands to bash history instead of overwriting
Opened 9 months ago by chrismurphy. Modified 4 months ago

Possible Fedora 39 feature

The most recently closed bash shell is the last to overwrite .bash_history with its history, stomping out the histories of all other shells. It's a little confusing.

I've implemented this suggestion in .bash_profile and indeed every shell has each command appended into .bash_history.

Each shell's commands are interlaced, in the order issued. But since the .bash_history file isn't (re)read every time the history command is issued, running shells don't affect the history command results in any other running shell. So... they're independent, while running.

In effect there's two histories: in-memory, and on-disk.

There is still confusing behavior: Given three shells, commands issued in each, then opening a 4th shell (tab) and issuing history, I do not see the commands just issued in those three shells. I have to quit GNOME Terminal first. Then I see them. But I like that the individual shell command histories aren't lost forever, so that's a significant improvement.

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8 months ago

Action item: Chris to propose adding history -a to $PROMPT_COMMAND

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8 months ago

Overall this did not seem to be a popular change on devel@ list. Therefore I'm not inclined to go forward with a change proposal. I also don't understand the nuances discussed in the thread well enough to refine the proposal. But if there is a way to address those concerns, then I'll sign on as an additional change owner and help however I can.

We discussed this issue at today's working group call.

It was felt that the change would generally benefit users, and so it would be sad not to implement it. Therefore, we'll implement it as a subpackage which users can install/uninstall. We may initially start with the subpackage uninstalled by default, prior to preinstalling it in a subsequent release.

@catanzaro and @chrismurphy have volunteered to create a change proposal for this change.

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7 months ago

@catanzaro and @chrismurphy have volunteered to create a change proposal for this change.

I don't see a change proposal for this. Removing the f39 target milestone.

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4 months ago

I really wanted to do this, but I'm afraid it has fallen off my to-do list. :(

I suppose we shouldn't leave the issue report open forever unless somebody intends to work on it.

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