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This is the Fedora Websites GIT repo used to build the websites starting from the F24 release cycle.

History of previous commits is still available in the old repo on Fedora Hosted. For more information please read the documentation and the Fedora Websites pages on the Fedora Wiki


If you like to help the websites team but are not actually a member, you can easily file Pull Requests. Fork this repository, make your changes and submit them here. Check of the Fedora Websites wiki for details on how to become a member of the websites team.

Translations are handled by the Fedora localization team on Zanata.


This repository contains the sources for the following Fedora Websites:

Getting started

WARNING: DO NOT execute the following steps as root, just use your normal user:

1. Setup your system

sudo dnf install git gettext python-genshi python-lxml python-setuptools python-dateutil \
python-dogpile-cache babel python-feedparser fedfind python-requests python2-babel

sudo dnf groups install 'Web Server'

2. Clone the fedora-websites repo

git clone

3. Enter the directory of the website you want to work on

For example, if you want to work on, use:

cd fedora-websites/

4. Launch a test instance

make en test

5. Stop the test instance

make stoptest

Note: if you have caching problems you can clean the instance even more:

make veryclean