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Fedora Mindshare Committee

The Fedora Mindshare Committee represents the outreach leadership in Fedora. Mindshare aims to help outreach teams to reach their targets in a more effective way, by unifying and sharing their working process through an optimized and standardized communication. It consists of mostly appointed, but also elected members.

What is this place?

The Fedora Mindshare Committee uses this repository to record ongoing work and to track issues which need a specific resolution. Tickets are normally discussed during weekly meetings.

You can read more about the Fedora Mindshare Committee on the Mindshare's docs' page

File a new ticket

To file a new ticket, open a new issue.

How to contact the Mindshare Committee

Other than this repository, you can also find the members of the Fedora Mindshare Committee in the following places:

  • Mailing list:
  • IRC channel: #fedora-mindshare on freenode (webchat)