#15 Integrate fedora messaging to send us notifications as the script progresses
Closed 2 years ago by nphilipp. Opened 2 years ago by asaleh.

User Story

As a person operating the DNF counting scripts,

I want that they use fedora-messaging to send notifications over the Fedora message bus,

so that we can debug things better and also examine how it operated in the past.


  • Know how to use fedora-messaging to send messages from shell scripts as well as Python programs.

Acceptance Criteria

  • A message topic (root) has been defined. ⇒ logging.stats
  • Message schemas which can carry the information we want to carry have been defined. ⇒ HackMD doc
  • The shell scripts and Python programs involved are set up to send messages over the bus (code & config).
  • Each of them sends a bus message at the start and end of their execution (we can make this finer granular, outside of this issue).


Currently we have a way for the script to send us emails, but this doesn't work reliably (even though it's okay to leave in place). Sending a message can trigger an email if we want, but the thing we are after is a trace of the execution.

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Notes from experiments, and results: https://hackmd.io/EF4HxojoRQGPYZIFl6bO0w

RabbitMQ TLS certificates for the logging user/service should exist in the private Ansible repo: fedora-infrastructure#10122

In the meantime, fedora-messaging is set up on log servers: fedora-infra/ansible#720

We've deployed the changes on log01 last Friday.

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2 years ago

Alright, fedora-infra/ansible#724 was slightly buggy, but fedora-infra/ansible#743 should fix this (not yet merged).

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2 years ago

Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

2 years ago

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