#21 F34 isn't listed in graphs
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User Story

As a user of https://data-analysis.fedoraproject.org/,

I want that all stable Fedora versions are listed,

lest I become confused.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The latest stable Fedora version is shown in the graphs


Graphs only mention Fedora up to version 33:

Archived version of latest Fedora image as of 2021-07-14:


Archived version of latest Fedora image (stacked) as of 2021-07-14:


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- Issue tagged with: DNF Counting

2 years ago

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- Issue marked as blocking: #17

2 years ago

That is done different from DNF counting. The programs which cover that are in Fedora Ansible roles/web-data-analysis/files/mirrors-data.gp and in the increasingly misnamed condense-mirrorlogs.sh scripts

Geez I generate a lot of graphs.. what ones do you actually want.

I have dummy patched some changes to the mirrorlist data. There were some bugs which needed to be fixed in the old python script. The graphs have been updated to show til the end of 2021, and some of the versions have f34 in it, but we need to figure out which graphs we need to keep.

I guess we can close this now…

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2 years ago

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