#29 Automate the manual interventions smooge does
Closed 2 years ago by nphilipp. Opened 2 years ago by asaleh.

-- TBD

Thursday. log into log01.iad2.fedorproject.org. 
sudo su -s /bin/bash countme
cd /srv/countme/mirrors-countme
/parse-access-log.py --progress --sqlite /var/lib/countme/raw-new.db /mnt/fedora_stats/combined-http/2021/<month>/<days since last time>/mirrors.fedoraproject.org-access.log

Matthew Miller, Thu 7:37 PM
I mean, that particular thing is for you, not me. :)

Stephen Smoogen, Thu 7:37 PM, Edited
once that completes if it is the beginning of a new month, make a backup of this in case I have to run the entire month over again.$ pushd /var/lib/countme
$ cp -p raw-new.db raw-2021-07.db
$ pushd 
<do the next month days I have so far>
$ ./countme-totals.py --update-from /var/lib/countme/raw-new.db --csv-dump /var/lib/countme/totals-new.csv --progress /var/lib/countme/totals-new.db
$ pushd
<compare totals-new.csv to totals.csv. if the script worked these will be the same. if it didn't you need to do the following>
$ mv totals-new.csv totals.csv
$ mv totals-new.db totals.db
$ cp totals.db totals.csv /var/www/html/csv-reports/countme/

Stephen Smoogen, Thu 7:40 PM
in the end part of the problem is in the script /usr/local/bin/countme-update.sh or one of the subscripts it calls. If I run these by hand once a week, it works fine, but I can see that the daily is off but when I have put debugging in, I don't see any crashes.

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2 years ago

This needs hashing out. Maybe getting the task properly described -- what does this do, etc. -- is step 0?

Metadata Update from @nphilipp:
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2 years ago

We haven't observed any crashes in the last couple weeks, so I'll close this.

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

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