#4 Add User-Agent "product" to output data
Opened 3 years ago by wwoods. Modified 2 years ago

Issue #3 is about adding support for rpm-ostree; it has a different User-Agent product string, which we currently don't store anywhere. Since rpm-ostree's countme behavior is different from DNF's (and since people can run DNF on top of rpm-ostree systems) we're going to double-count systems unless we can tell which client is which.

This means changing CountmeItem, the database schemas, etc. Oh well, should have seen this coming.

Discarded comment.

@siosm Is this resolved in the current rpm-ostree mechanism?

I'm afraid that's a part of the backend that I don't know about so I can not say.

No idea myself either.

I have two possible theories:

  1. It's actually fine, since countme is just using the DNF repo info for this now, and so should only report once per week no matter if the dnf client is used or not?
  2. or, it's actually double-counting, but... not really badly, since we know for sure that the numbers were just a tiny trickle of noise before we turned on the ostree-countme feature -- not a huge number of folks are using dnf-on-top-of-ostree every week.

From an rpm-ostree perspective, libdnf based Count Me support is fully disabled by default since https://github.com/coreos/rpm-ostree/releases/tag/v2021.5 so we should not get double counting from that.

Thus I think this means that this should be OK now.

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