#48 Silence is a virtue
Closed 2 years ago by patrikp. Opened 2 years ago by nphilipp.


As an otherwise busy person involved with DNF Counting,

I want that the scripts that are run unattended only send mails when there's something wrong,

so that I'm not disturbed if everything is fine and I can notice anything out of the ordinary better.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The various cron jobs related to DNF Counting only send mails on warnings/errors.


Right now, the condense-mirrorlogs.sh and countme-update.sh scripts send mails to a set of people/accounts (root@fpo, mattdm, asaleh, nils) every day. It's annoying and makes it easy to miss important things this way.


condense-mirrorlogs.sh – ~6:15am UTC

Subject: Cron <root@log01> /usr/local/bin/condense-mirrorlogs.sh > /dev/null

Outputting data: /mnt/fedora_stats/combined-http/2021/09/05/mirrors.fedoraproject.org-access.log

countme-update.sh – ~9:00am UTC

Subject: Cron <countme@log01> /usr/local/bin/countme-update.sh

parse-access-log.py --sqlite /var/lib/countme/raw.db /mnt/fedora_stats/combined-http/2021/09/05/mirrors.fedoraproject.org-access.log /mnt/fedora_stats/combined-http/2021/09/06/mirrors.fedoraproject.org-access.log

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2 years ago

@smooge Hey, it may be that I'm not receiving all the spam the various DNF Counting cron jobs send. Is there anything that should be added to the list of things to clean? I remember seeing a mail of yours mentioning the old version of the log syncing script, is the new one still as noisy? I know the script is but I don't know if stuff dropped in etc/cron.daily will send mails if there is any output or only if there's something on stderr or a non-zero exit code.

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2 years ago

This has been merged, but needs to be deployed still.

OK, I've updated mirrors-countme to 0.0.7 on log01, so it seems that the last PR to be merged is: fedora-infra/ansible#810 (which is hot-fixed on log01, but keep the issue open until it's merged for bookkeeping)

Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

2 years ago

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