Q: Where does this data come from?

A: This is from data we observe from DNF connecting to our systems for updates. See the countme entry in the DNF documentation, or technical details from the DNF test suite.

Q: I notice that doesn't have any way to identify "ephemeral" systems, yet these graphs separate those out. How's that work?

By looking into the future! Every week, there's a bunch of new systems. But we can look ahead to the next week, and see the count for systems in later groups. If that number has increased, that increase had to come from systems installed this week, so we can count that number as actual new installs. The remainder of new systems this week didn't stick around, and so are ephemeral.

Q: Why "brontosaurusifier"?

A: Because "velociraptorizer" was taken.

Q: Isn't "brontosaurus" an obsolete term for "apatosaurus"?

A1: No. See The Brontosaurus Is Back in Scientific American.

A2: "Thunder lizard" is awesome. "Deceptive lizard" is just sad.

No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this script.

All dicing and slicing is completely nondestructive.

Going back in time and hunting dinosaurs is known to not work out.

We would never.