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A script which can sync Fedora Calendar meetings to a Discourse topic
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Matthew Miller committed a year ago

This is a script which uses the Fedora Calendar ("fedocal") API to read upcoming meetings and write them to given topics.

To configure it with your meeting, submit a PR with changes to fedocal2discourse.toml. This should add an entry with the name of the calendar and name of the meeting (as found in fedocal) along with the username to post as and the topic ID on Fedora Dicussion.

That target topic should (but I guess does not have to) have a first post with the calendar plugin code:

[calendar defaultView="listNextYear"]

(You don't have to default to the list view, but due to shortcomings in the plugin it's generally the most useful one.)

As currently implemented, the script gathers meetings in the one week period starting three weeks from Monday of this week, and writes posts for those. (And, I'm setting it up to run every Monday.)

This does not:

  • attempt to update Discourse posts if anything changes
  • look for meetings outside of that one week three weeks in the future
  • sync anything back to Fedocal

It would also be nice for the script to, instead of running weekly, have actually respond to fedocal.meeting.reminder on the bus... and to update events and so on as well. In general, there's plenty of room for improvement — PRs welcome!