fedora-sig-onboard is a simple tool to onboard a Fedora package onto the relevant SIG. It will attempt to add the SIG to the package ACL, update the bugzilla assignee and add the package to Anitya. Rust and Golang packages are currently supported, and will be respectively onboarded onto the Rust SIG and the Go SIG.


pip install 'git+https://pagure.io/fedora-sig-onboard.git'


Add your dist-git and Anitya to the configuration file in ~/.config/fedora-sig-onboard/fedora-sig-onboard.conf:

dist_git_token = YOUR_DIST_GIT_TOKEN_HERE

To onboard a package:

$ fedora-sig-onboard onboard rust-escape_string
[rust-escape_string] updating ACL
[rust-escape_string] updating bugzilla assignees
[rust-escape_string] adding to anitya

Multiple packages can also be specified, and will be processed in sequence. If no package is specified, fedora-sig-onboard will attempt to infer the package name from the current directory.


fedora-sig-onboard is MIT licensed.