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Welcome to LUKSMeta! LUKSMeta is a simple library for storing metadata in the LUKSv1 header. This library is licensed under the GNU LGPLv2+.

Why LUKSMeta?

Some projects need to store additional metadata about a LUKS volume that is accessable before unlocking it. Two such examples are USBGuard and Tang. Fortunately, there is a gap in the LUKS header between the end of the slot area and the payload offset:

| LUKSv1 header | LUKSv1 slots (8) |                                         | Encrypted Data |

LUKSMeta uses this hole to store additional metadata.

How does LUKSMeta work?

LUKSMeta's on-disk format consists of a header block, followed by 0-8 data blocks. Each block is aligned to 4096 bytes. The LUKSMeta header contains a checksum (CRC32c) of itself and of each data block to detect data corruption. Each data block is also given a 16 byte UUID type to uniquely identify the contents of the block.

The end result looks like this on disk:

| LUKSv1 header | LUKSv1 slots (8) | LUKSMeta header | LUKSMeta blocks (0-8) | Encrypted Data |

LUKSMeta Command Line Interface

luksmeta test -d DEVICE
luksmeta nuke -d DEVICE [-f]
luksmeta init -d DEVICE [-f] [-n]
luksmeta show -d DEVICE [-s SLOT]
luksmeta save -d DEVICE [-s SLOT]  -u UUID  < DATA
luksmeta load -d DEVICE  -s SLOT  [-u UUID] > DATA
luksmeta wipe -d DEVICE  -s SLOT  [-u UUID] [-f]


Destroy all data (including LUKSMeta data) in the LUKSv1 header gap and initalize the gap for LUKSMeta storage:

$ luksmeta init -n -d /dev/sdz
You are about to initialize a LUKS device for metadata storage.
Attempting to initialize it may result in data loss if data was
already written into the LUKS header gap in a different format.
A backup is advised before initialization is performed.

Do you wish to initialize /dev/sdz? [yn] y

If already initialized, do nothing. Otherwise, destroy all non-LUKSMeta data in the LUKSv1 header gap and initialize the gap for LUKSMeta storage. Skip user confirmation (dangerous!):

$ luksmeta init -f -d /dev/sdz

Write some data to a slot:

$ UUID=`uuidgen`
$ echo $UUID
$ echo "Hello, World" | luksmeta save -d /dev/sdz -s 0 -u $UUID

Read the data back:

$ luksmeta load -d /dev/sdz -s 0 -u $UUID
Hello, World

Wipe the data from the slot:

$ luksmeta wipe -d /dev/sdz -s 0 -u $UUID

Erase all trace of LUKSMeta:

$ luksmeta nuke -d /dev/sdz
You are about to erase all data in the LUKSMeta storage area.
A backup is advised before erasure is performed.

Do you wish to nuke /dev/sdz? [yn] y