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14 groups
Fedora Ambassadors of North America - Region leadership
Group for treasurer(s), logistician(s), storyteller(s), and other North American Ambassadors for viewing private tickets
Fedora Council
Fedora's Governance and Leadership body
Fedora Marketing Team
The Fedora Marketing Team ensures that people in Fedora can consistently explain to everyone what Fedora is, why the project can help them, and how they can help the project
Fedora Ambassadors
Pagure group for the Fedora Ambassadors
Matthew's Testing Stuff
You shouldn't expect any of this to be useful.
Fedora Quick Docs committer group
Trusted committer group for Fedora Quick Docs documentation. Membership grants commit access to
The sysadmins group in FAS synced over here
Fedora Matrix
Matrix related effort in Fedora
Fedora DEI Team Pagure Admins
Administrator team for Fedora DEI Team repositories on Group membership grants FULL rights to all repositories.
Fedora Documentation Team
Fedora Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Team
The Fedora Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Team promotes inclusive community values in the Fedora Community and targets specific needs and goals for improving diversity in the community.
Fedora Websites & Apps Community
Interested Fedora community members who maintain and work on websites and applications in Fedora Infrastructure. Grants commit access to all Websites & Apps repositories.
Fedora Mindshare Committee
Members of the Fedora Mindshare Committee –
Fedora Legal
Legal liaisons